Salt Service – Survival Tips

Did you know there are over 14,000 different uses for salt? Salt may seem simple, but it’s fascinating history and myriad of uses make it the world's most amazing mineral. Discover the secrets of salt and how our salt service can help you.

Meat Curing

Salt is an excellent source of food preservation: Meat will not deteriorate and will remain fresh longer in open environments if well-rubbed with plenty of salt. Fruits that have a fast breakdown rate, such as apples and bananas, can be kept from browning by sprinkling a little salt on the exposed areas of the fruit. Nuts are an easy source of protein and fats but may be somewhat difficult to open; soaking nuts such as pecans and walnuts in salted water for a few minutes makes shelling easier and less time-consuming.

Canning and Pickling

Survival Health

Salt is lost through sweat, causing an internal electrolyte imbalance; if not corrected, prolonged salt loss will cause death. Survivalists can dissolve salt tablets in a canteen of fresh drinking water in order to offset salt loss through sweat. Also, salt can be used to clean the teeth: since no other oral hygiene methods are available, rubbing a moistened finger dabbed in salt across the teeth and gums kills harmful mouth bacteria and is abrasive enough to remove food particles from in between teeth.


Salt can be a source of emergency first aid, providing relief for the itching and swelling of mosquito bites or bee stings. If enough salt can be spared for the purpose, it can be sprinkled around campsites or places of food storage as a deterrent against ants and other foraging insects. In case of accidental contact with irritating plants such as poison ivy, applying salt to the affected area can provide quick relief from painful itching and inflammation. Contact Us Today to order your Salt in Bulk.

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