Specialized Services

Services can expect from JOHNS SALT SERVICE INC. – above the industry standards….

  • Able to utilize one P.O for multiple, pre-established monthly orders
  • 3- 5 working day notice to place AND receive delivery. We DO NOT requires 7-10 day lead times to get confirmation and another 3-5 days to get appointment!
  • Able to ship 18 – 24 pallets per delivery IF delivered by JOHNS SALT SERVICE INC. (With our specialized equipment-ship more weight per load- saving on freight costs and additional deliveries)
  • Loads – preconfirmed with no rips or damaged ( if any found- instant replacement on next load- NO CHARGE!)
  • With new state of the art equipment, allowing us to be more efficient. So we are capable of meeting our scheduled appointments ON TIME- worry free.
  • Hourly response time with monitored ordering system- all inquiries are addressed with 2 hrs. – during normal business hours 4:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • For all F.O.B orders- guaranteed load time of less than 30 minutes – dock hours 4:30 a.m. till 11:30 a.m. with Overnight parking available for early birds.
  • Available for our Exclusive Customers- up to 10 truck loads can be PRE PAID to ensure your costs through ,up to two months past any National Salt Price Increase with FREE WAREHOUSE STORAGE AVAILABLE!
  • Exclusive for Johns Salt Service Premiere Customers We offer our package to pre stock 2-3 month supply in advance, guaranteeing no loss in YOUR production in the event of plant shut down, shortages or transportation problems- not making appointment times- which occurred several times last year.

This will alleviate worry, production delays and additional costs.

We do want to stress the advantages of our services, as they pertain to your needs.

  • Our hours of operations are 4:30 a.m. daily, so meeting early delivery times are not an issue for us! (no more stress about missed delivery appointments)
  • ½ Tanker/ pneumatic deliveries- means you don’t have to wait till out- to order. Also, requires less time to off load
  • 1-7 Working days FOR e-mail in orders- can receive or deliver or you can pick up.
  • Product is STOCKED / On HAND – pre-weighed for quicker delivery.
  • Automatic- Pneumatic Delivery Program – 1 P.O. We can arrive on a scheduled time, every time , automatically once delivery frequency is established.
  • Easy- Fast- and Efficient, to simplify your complete salt ordering system- with our 52 years’ experience, servicing the salt industry.

“ Service is John’s Salt-Where Salt is Made Simple”

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