Industrial Salt - Bulk Bag/ Bin System

The Bulk-Lift bag, which can be utilized independently, offers ease of handling that reduces man-hour time and expense. Valuable storage space is saved as well. For the ease of the processing industry, which cannot accept tanker, prompted a progression of this semi-bulk system.

Industrial Salt Bulk Bags can also be utilized directly into brine tanks.

Johns Salts Semi-bulk system takes the obvious strengths of the semi-bulk bag and combines them with the revolutionary handling possibilities of the BULK BAG/ BIN Industrial Salt System for the most advantageous method of handling under 25 ton tanker loads. The bin’s lightweight fiberglass construction makes it ideal for many semi-bulk uses, including replacing pallets of 50 lb. bags, dumped by hand. Now you can dump directly to any tank, with a controlled amount dispensed as needed.

  • Our "Bulk Bag/Bin System" allows direct dumping into Brine tanks. No waste.
  • 100% recyclable bags - picked up at no charge upon follow up delivery.
  • Eliminating 50 lb. bag dumping by hand.

Its portable one ton plus capacity and fast-dispensing capabilities combined with sanitary storage make it the ideal companion for the semi-bulk bag. And the futuristic side discharge design makes dispensing convenient and accessible to you, while the flow of the product is easily controlled. A cone dispenser is also available for directional and measured discharge of bulk by volume — all customized to fit your operation.

Bulk Bag/ Bin System | Pneumatic Salt Delivery Northern CA

Culinox 999 | Pneumatic Salt Delivery Northern CA

Culinox® 999® 50lbs bags - ***While supplies last***
Salt is high purity, food grade granulated salt that is cubic in structure. Higher purity helps assure consistent saltiness intensity. Brine treatment, crystallizing technique, and post-crystallizing washing substantially reduces calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and other heavy metals, sulfate and carbonate impurities. The product contains no additives.

Culinox® 999® Salt can also be used in industrial drinking water applications that require higher purity salt.

Also available in 2000 lb. totes and Pneumatic


  • Cereals & Baked Goods: Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal, dough salt for breads, rolls, cookies, crackers, biscuits; Frozen/refrigerated dough
  • Dry Blends & Seasonings: Poultry marinade
  • Dairy: Cottage cheese, cream cheese, vat-salted cheddar and Colby; brine-salted Italian, Swiss, blue and brick, processed cheese
  • Soups, Sauces & Dressings: Pourable salad dressing, soups, sauces
  • Meat, Poultry & Fish: Frozen eggs, sausages, franks, bologna, chill brines, marinades; Pickles for ham, bacon, corned beef; Fish fillet, Smoked/brined fish
  • Condiments & Spreads & Processed Vegetables: Margarine, mayonnaise, mustard, peanut butter, can brine for vegetables, jar brine
  • Snacks & Sweets: Nuts
  • Water: Industrial drinking water applications

Also available in 2000 lb. Totes
Utah Mortons product equivalent now available "Pure Sun"

New Equivalent product samples available

The uses described above are subject to revision and/or changes based upon nutritional and manufacturing criteria

Pneumatic Salt Delivery

General Industrial

With over 14,000 different uses, salt is relied upon by industries as diverse as chemicals, oil drilling, power generation, hide processing and textile dyeing. For over 160 years, Morton Salt has led the way in helping customers optimize the use of salt in their products and processes. And for the over 35 years Johns Salt Service has been providing Pneumatic Salt Delivery with Morton's comprehensive offering, with unrivaled number of production facilities and the largest logistics network of any salt manufacturer in North America, we’re ready to make salt a key ingredient in your company’s success.

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White Crystal Solar Salt | Industrial Salt

White Crystal® Solar Salt at Newark, California is produced from dilute saline water taken from the San Francisco Bay. The brine is concentrated to saturation and then crystallized in open, shallow ponds through slow evaporation by solar heat and wind. Harvested salt is Then washed, dried, milled and screened into two coarse grades, Coarse and Medium. Fractional crystallization and washing voids much of the inorganic salt impurities present in sea water.

Solar Salt tends to crystallize in a pyramidal aggregate which breaks up in milling to irregular, rectangular particles. Appearance is crystalline to white.

Mill Run Solar Salt | Industrial Salt

Mill Run® Solar Salt at Newark, California as three fine screenings of solar evaporated salt. The salt is screened from dried washed solar salt crystallized from saline brine water of San Francisco Bay. Dilute bay brine is impounded in shallow ponds where it is concentrated to saturation and washing voids much of the inorganic salt impurities present in bay water. Fine solar particles are irregular and appear somewhat rectangular in shape. Appearance in crystalline to white.

Bulk commodity treated with a trace Yellow Prussiute of Soda (sodium ferrocyanide) a water soluble food additive approved anti-caking agent.

H.G. Blending Salt

H.G. Blending Salt is food grade granulated sodium chloride selected from the middle (table) screen fraction of vacuum pan production. The crystals are cubical in shape and extremely uniform in size. There are no additives. This salt is applicable for Organic Compliance.

TFC H.G. Blending Salt is prepared by treating H.G. Blending Salt with a water-soluble anticaking agent.